2012 Toyota Tacoma - Clicks

The first time I touch the brake after putting my pick up in gear, either drive or reverse I hear a double metallic click. I’ve had my brakes checked. Mechanic heard noise too couldn’t find what was making it. Only other info is this started right after my last maintenance service and alignment. Both done same day but at different locations.

The usual explanation is the brake pads shifting. Fairly normal for Tacomas.

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I reached to my brother who really a body/paint guy and he said brake pad shims and either sounds possible. Now I have a direction and I won’t be driving it till Thanksgiving and I believe I can make it to another brothers house to get it fixed
Thank you very much


You state that you are first putting the truck into gear, and after that, putting the brakes on. What happens if you put the brakes on while in park? I am trying to decide whether the noise is in the drive train or in the brakes. Do the steps slowly, so that you can tell exactly when the noise occurs.

It would be better to put the brakes on before putting any car into gear, just in case the engine surges and the car does something embarassing.