Cleetus McFarland, Who? Freedom Factory, What?

Is it just me? I’ve never heard of You Tube sensation Cleetus McFarland. Do I need to get out (or in) more?

Anyhow, he’s buying an old race track in our city of Bradenton. He’s planning to fix it up and operate it.
In this link there is a 14 minute video of this endeavor.

He’s entertaining! Sounds like a fun time for something to do in our neighborhood beginning in November.

Do you know of him?
What do think of his plans?
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I just discovered the Cleetus McFarland youtube channel last summer when my youtube suggestions contained a video where they bought a C6 Corvette at auction sight unseen. I decided to check it out. That became the project they call Ruby. It’s now turbocharged and does upper 8s in the 1/4 mile.

They’re into drag racing and burnout competitions. I’ve never really been into that stuff, but I enjoy watching them have fun doing it.

In a video of his from a couple of days ago, Cleetus (real name Garrett Mitchell) mentioned there was going to be a big announcement and that his channel will be changed forever. It turns out buying this race track was the big announcement. Here’s his video of the big reveal (this is the same video shown in the linked article above). The video shows many of the cars in his “fleet”.

He refers to horsepower as ‘Bald Eagles’, and high horsepower and anything related to it as ‘Freedom’.

I didn’t look at the videos, but he seems like an automotive version of Classy Freddie Blassie.

I’ve read that Cleetus has 1.7 million You Tube subscribers.

Anybody, what’s a You Tube “subscriber”?
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Subscribing to a Youtube channel lists you as a follower of the channel. Any new content the channel produces shows up in your subscriptions feed in your Youtube account so you don’t have to search for it yourself (you must sign up to Youtube and have your own account, though you are not required to post any content of your own). You can also elect to receive email notifications when a channel you subscribe to posts new content.

The Cleetus channel has been on Youtube since 2009, currently has about 1.76M subscribers, and has almost 416 million views of his videos.

Never heard of him

I’m also not terribly interested in racing. Never was. Perhaps that makes me an outlier as far as professional mechanics go, but we don’t all have the same interests

But I do like the stars and stripes on that Camaro in the link :+1:

As far as his plans go, well, I wish him the best.

I hope it’s profitable and everybody is safe

Hopefully there won’t be any unanticipated bad things, as a result of this project or the races

I don’t “subscribe” to any youtube channel

I suppose I’m not much of a “follower”

I certainly don’t have a youtube account

Come to think of it, I don’t have much of a social media presence

It’s not “just you” . . . there’s still plenty of people out there who simply don’t think it’s that important to follow the latest youtube sensation. And that might be a good thing. Youtube isn’t everything.

Thanks for your informative responses. I’m not much into race cars these days and I’m not really a You Tuber, but I appreciate Cleetus McFarland’s drive and ambition and his entertainment ability. I will definitely continue following him in the local newspaper and I’m thinking of attending the Grand Opening in November.
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I’ve heard of him a long time ago although I am not a subscriber; to him or anyone else. He puts out a lot of interesting videos and he’s a go fast guy so he’s got my vote.

He did a dyno test with an old Fox body Mustang 5.0 and one of those electric superchargers that was interesting. The engine lost about 30 HP after the addition of the electric SC; a.k.a. an intake restriction.

Be careful that you don’t blow your ear drums out . . .

Good advice. I hadn’t really thought about it. I will get some ear plugs to protect these fragile ole ear drums. :hear_no_evil:
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Cleetus, what an interesting name. I’ve never met anyone named Cleetus before. I don’t recall even hearing the name Cleetus before today. Is that a more common name somewhere outside the USA?

It is fairly common name in the south.

It might be more common in rural California. I heard some names, like Scion, that I never heard before. Why not Cleetus too?

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Cleetus was a character in the Dukes of Hazard if I recall correctly. I think its a southern thing…kind of like the name “Clyde”

All these Youtube people these days… Sometimes I sit and just shake my head and wonder if I had this whole going to college and working for a living using some kind of education or skill all wrong.

These kids are making money basically having fun and recording it and or playing video games while people donate money to keep it coming.

I believe that most times I feel like the fool in comparison with the Youtubers or Pro Video Gamers.

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Cleetus was a character in the Dukes of Hazard if I recall correctly. I think its a southern thing…kind of like the name “Clyde”

You remember correctly there was a Cleetus in the Duke’s your memory is not as clouded as you think.


I used to love watching Dukes of Hazzard

Who sang the theme song . . . wasn’t it a really big name country singer?

Waylon Jennings . . . ?!

I always laughed when Roscoe’s car broke apart . . . didn’t the fenders fall off in several different episodes?

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Yes it was Waylon Jenning’s.

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…The Duke’s of Hazard… What a show… even as a kid I would cringe every time I saw a Charger get folded nearly in half and would call BS on how it wasn’t so folded immediately after a big jump. But otherwise I sure did enjoy the show. lol

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If it make you feel any better, Garrett Mitchell AKA Cleetus moved down to Florida to attend law school. He ended up landing a job running 1320 video media pages ( like Facebook and Instagram), after making a “joke” video of tom bailey’s drag car taking up the most 'murican name he and kyle of 1320 could think of "Cleetus Mcfarland. Shortly after that he started making his own videos. And a few years later and millions of dollars here he is.

Heard Dukes are not allowed on reruns due to the confederate flag.