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Clear Coat on Windows

Several weeks ago I had some body work done on my car, and as part of the repainting process some clear coat was sprayed on the windows. How can I remove it?

With a simple razor blade scraper.

If you brought it back I’me sure they’d remove it, but you can remove it yourself quicker than it would probably take to drive back there. And the gas would probaably be more expensive that a $1.99 scraper!

Believe it or not a razor blade can and will scratch the glass. Take it back to the shop and they will remove it. If you choose to do it yourself use 0000 steel wool. This is what they will use.

Yea, it can, but it is not likely.

I agree with Joseph…It’s very difficult for a razor blade to put any mark on a glass.

I have seen this quite a few times where a customer wanted to get some foreign substance off the glass and used a razor blade and then scratched the glass. It can be done safely no doubt, but it is easier to scratch than you would think.

It can be done safely no doubt, but it is easier to scratch than you would think.

I have never had a problem and I have seldom, if ever, made any special effort to prevent scratches. However it would be a good idea to be careful as it is possible.

I was shown that to use a razor blade on glass to remove stuff that will not come off with normal cleaning that you 1) spray the area with water or glass cleaner first, then 2) move the razor blade in ONE direction only. Do not move it back and forth.
Multiple passes in the same direction with water sprayed on first.
You will not scratch the glass if you do it this way.

we use reg. sos pads.

0)Use a new blade or one in excellent shape.