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Cleaning windshield on the interior

Anyone have any tips for cleaning the windows inside your car? I tried Windex and some paper towels and that left streaks. Then I tried buying these special wipes made for glass cleaning by Armarol. Those left even bigger streaks. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Car is an Accord.

I’ve had better success with using newspaper instead of paper towels. If it hasn’t been cleaned for a while the dirt/film can be pretty tough to remove.

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Thanks. Do you use newspaper and Windex? Or just newspaper and water?

Use whatever you like to clean the window, like Windex or even water. Then wipe off the cleaner and polish the glass using newspaper.

Supposedly the black ink in the paper polishes the glass and leaves it streak free.

I’ve used newspaper for years. No lint, and it really does leave no streaks.

I use Windex, but I haven’t tried just water.

Microfiber towels are where it’s at. I keep one in my glovebox and it works wonders.

Try dish soap and water…Dry with paper towels. Cheap and it works GREAT.

Sometimes the stuff that is on the inside is not water soluble, it is the condensed off gasses from the plastics inside the car. There is a product called Invisible Glass available at Walmart and auto stores that can remove the film that condenses on the inside.

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Yes, Invisible Glass works well. Be sure to use it with towels that have not been washed with any fabric softener.

I use Turtle Wax in the spray bottle on the insides of windows. It doesn’t streak like glass cleaner. Spray it on a towel and buff it.

First just scrub it really hard with a crumpled piece of newspaper. Dry. No water, no Windex, no nothing. Just one sheet of newspaper, crumple it up and RUB.

I have always had good results with good old Windex and paper towels. I find the foaming kind better. The key is to wash half the windshield and buff it dry down the glass before the Windex drys on it own. Rain-X anti fog (not the exterior treatment) works well on the inside for keeping it clear.

I have had the same problems as you and I have had better luck with glass cleaner in an aerosol can bought at a truck stop.

First I use Invisible Glass on paper towels for cleaning, then I use 70% rubbing alcohol on a soft cotton cloth to get rid of any streaks. (Although I’ve never had any problems, I’m not sure if rubbing alcohol is completely safe to use, so do it at your own risk and make sure you don’t touch anything but the glass.)

If you’re using products like Armor All on your dash, you might want to stop. Those products give off gases that cause a filmy haze on the windows.

Being both anal retentive and obsessive compulsive, I’ve tried everything under the sun and, while I used to be a diehard fan of Invisible Glass, I now use just microfiber cloths and a bucket of hot water. It works even better than Invisible Glass, even if you have an oily/greasy haze on the windshield. Use one or two of the cloths to clean the glass, and then another fresh dry cloth to polish the glass after cleaning it. Works like a charm…and no chemicals. (As someone else noted though, never use fabric softener/dryer sheets when cleaning the cloths.)

I’ve been using newspaper for 40 years. Start by spraying the glass with any kind of windex-type of cleaner, wipe it with a wet paper towel, then dry it with newspaper. Always comes clean and never had any streaks.

I put some windshild washer fluid in a small spray bottle. I spray it on the inside of the windshield and wipe if off with crumpled up newspaper. Been doing this for 30+ years. Cheap and works good.

I used to use ammonia. Open both doors when you do this. One thing you can use is car wax. I have used it in a spray bottle. Do the rear glass as well as the door glass too.

Dawn dish soap works great. Learned this from a professional window washer and he was right and I never use anything else. Use a few drops in a small spray bottle or a small ziploc plastic container like you would use for leftover food with warm water. Use this at first to clean the glass and then use a microfiber cloth to dry and buff to a nice clear window.

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