Cleaning windows

I have a 2007 Hyundai Sonata. In the warm weather the interior of the windows seem to get a hazy coating after I’ve cleaned them. I have tried several different cleaner with no luck. Does anyone have any ideas.

What you are seeing is the effect of “outgassing” of the plastics that are used in the padded dashboard and other areas of the interior. On some makes, this effect disappears after a few months. On other makes, it persists for a long time.

I have found that Isopropyl Alcohol is a good solvent for cleaning windows when all else fails. Just be careful to not drip any on the padded dashboard!

I put a goodly amount of the alcohol on a big wad of paper towels, scrub the inside of the glass, and immediately wipe with another wad of paper towels before the alcohol evaporates fully. Hopefully this will work for you also.

Yea it does sound like plastic outgassing, but you have a 2007 and unless it was keep in a cool garage most of the time, I would expect the outgassing to have subsided by now. Of course you still need to get the stuff off the window even if there is no more outgassing.