Cleaning inside of windshield is literally a pain

I know that windshields are as sloped as they are for aerodynamic air flow. But I truly HATE the chore of cleaning the inside of the glass. Between being short with corresponding shorter reach than average and having arthritic hands and wrists that hurt when reaching and twisting to clean the inside of the windshield, keeping the glass clean is a Very Irritating Chore. In this case, I wish cars still had the more upright windshields of my early cars.

Add that there has been more vinyl inside cars that outgasses these past few decades than there was in older cars, it has made keeping the inside glass clean a harder chore for many years now than it did back “once upon a time.” Of course, my being older and stiffer doesn’t help any either.

I’ve even tried the gizmo wand with angled head that has a microfiber cloth on it that supposedly makes it easy to reach and clean the entire inside windshield. Nice idea. Not really much help in practice though.

Forget self-driving cars. I want self-cleaning windshields!

(Okay, I’ll stop whining now.) :grin:


Use your Gizmo wand but use eyeglass cleaner on the microfiber cloth. Works much better that way.


Agree it was much better with the the more upright windshield’s I am 6 ft 2 & I almost have to stand on my head to reach it all the also agree with the outgassing. Whatever you do do NOT use armoral on your car it make’s sticky bad smell & almost never get it off of windshield,

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I have not been impressed with the Gizmo, no matter what I use I end up finishing with paper towels.


Thank you! I hadn’t thought of that even though I use it all the time on my eyeglasses. :grin::grin::grin:

Your idea sound;s like a good one that could be used for other thing’s but where do you get eyeglass cleaner? I don’t wear glasss’s so have never needed to look for it.

I guess it depends on the vehicle’s design. I’ve never had any problems with reaching the surfaces when cleaning the inside of the windshield on any of my cars. I usually clean the driver’s side while sitting at a traffic light. I always keep a spray bottle of the cleaning stuff – I use the Consumer Reports recipe – within easy reach, as well paper towels. When I have a rider I ask them to clean their side. So maybe that’s a way you could get the passenger side clean at least, ask your riders to clean it … :wink:

Cleaning the inside of the window without first sitting in the seat is pretty awkward, I’ll grant that.

I’m betting you are taller than 5’4" with arm reach appropriate to your height. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have some from the optical shop where I got my glasses and get them adjusted. I’ve also seen the small spray bottles of eyeglass cleaner at Walmart. It also occurs to me that computer screen cleaner would likely work.

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Thank you it is something I just never thought about before. For my computer screen I use 99% Isoproply alcohol a computer repair shop told me was as good as anything he ever used.

I don’t think it has to do w/my height or arm reach so much as that my cars are older, less stuff like air bags in the way, and the windshield isn’t as steeply sloped as the newer designs tend to be. One of my friends that frequently rides with me is shorter than you and has no trouble cleaning the passenger side.

It would be impossible to clean the windshield on a modern vehicle while wearing a seat belt, your arms would have to be 5 feet long.


@George_San_Jose1 Oh, I can reach on the passenger side and on the driver’s side too with awkward effort around the steering wheel. But it is painful and also a stretch reaching to get to the bottom section.

I use rubbing alcohol and clean bath towels. They are very old bath towels. The order of use for bath towels in my house.

Bath Towels

Dog Towels

Car cleaning towels for washing or waxing

Ripped up for garage rags, also the fate of old flannel shirts.



the only difference: I have no dog :slight_smile:

I get eye glasses cleaner in bulk at Costco, Sam’s Club also carries it. You can use the large bottles to refill the small spray bottles from Walmart or the two above.

I have to use the gizmo because I have a torn rotator cuff so twisting may arm around and trying to wipe a windshield upside down doesn’t work for me. I have the triangular head on mine, gets into corners better. I just wish it had a slightly longer handle, it would be easier to work using both hands. It would also be nice if it had microfiber cloth refills for it.

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Just when I was thinking of getting one of those wands. I only clean the inside of the windshield when I absolutely have to. Maybe I’ll try a wand anyway. Same problem though cleaning the back window or especially the inside of the tail gate.

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Windex and newspaper is what my grandmother uses. I just use paper towels or rags personally. Would you be able to use the stick end on the wand to use paper towels or whatever?

I feel your pain. A new car here in Southwest Florida needs frequent windshield cleaning.
I use a gizmo, but I wrap the head with a folded glass cleaning cloth held on with a large rubber band. I re-wrap once for the second half of the windshield. The cleaning cloth is about the size of one side of a pillowcase. I got mine at Rural King. They seem to get better with use and washing.

I use nothing but crumpled newspaper. Of course that means I am an old geezer who still gets a newspaper. But just use the paper dry, no liquid at all, and rub the haze away. It works very well and doesn’t streak or leave smears.

As far as reaching is concerned there’s really no good way to do the job. Sometimes it works better to stand on a stool outside the car and reach in through the open window to get to the inside of the windshield. The angle of attack seems more natural.

The only other way is to pay your grandchild a couple of dollars to do it, or a kid in the neighborhood.

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