Cleaning back seat upholstery

Placed garbage bag in back while driving to dumpster. Apparently, the bag broke and leaked. Looks like cooking grease or some other oily substance. Appears to be caked on. Need recommendations for cleaning this up. Thanks.

Carpet shampooer. I have been very pleased with this one:

Not only does it get pet barf out of our carpets easily, but it also cleaned an old truck we bought for weekend hauling projects. The truck had at one point been used by a salvage yard as a parts runner, and it looked like they had rubbed axle grease and oil into the seats and headliner. That thing got it almost completely clean. I was very impressed.

Amazing. I put up the question, and in less than 15 minutes, I have an answer, AND GET THIS!!, I have the recommended product at hand. I used it, and it worked perfectly. 30 minutes from post to completion!

Glad to see it worked for you!

Thanks…especially for the feedback. Kudos to shadowfax.

Thank you Shadow,I have been wondering myself.

The best carpet and upholstery cleaner I have found comes from the Dollar Tree of all places. It is the red Awsome brand trigger sprayer carpet cleaner . We just had brand new carpet installer in our living room and I had apparently walked in chassis grease with my deep treaded work shoes and tracked it all down the hallway an hour after the installers left.
This stuff removed all trace of that grease from a dusty rose carpet and 8 years later, none of it resurfaced.
I also used it on a minivan that someone had used for used parts hauling and there were grease and oil stains all over. This $1 cleaner removed all of it and left everything a nice even color with no lighter or darker spots.

That’s why I search out slip on work shoes, and slip them off on the way into the house. One false move and I’m a dead man.