Clanking in engine

Having a clanking noise in the area of picture. Right side of engine from front.
I have video but don’t think I can upload. Will upload pic of area. I listened with tube, very noisy.
Dealership seems to not hear, been in several times. I have listened to other xt5s and engine quite

Very difficult to hear a noise from a picture.

If this car is under warranty (you don’t say the year, the mileage, when it clanks or anything very useful) then it is the dealer’s job to fix the problem. You can switch dealers, you don’t have to use the one that sold it to you.

Me, I’d be looking for a bad engine mount to start/

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Thank you for feedback. Car just out of warranty 53,000.
I have video but could not get to upload. It is inside on the top. Just setting idling. Kinda like a lifter but don’t think so. Dealer said injector but I never heard anything like that.

The video is mp4 maybe can figure how to upload different .

Tappet noises are not a clank nor are injector noises. Be specific. Also, for the 2nd time, what year car is this?

When does it make this noise? Does it clank/tap/tick faster if you increase rpm?

And more importantly what are you going to of if we can suggest a cause? Fix it yourself? Or go to a shop and say “fIx this, the CarTalk folks said that’s what it is?”

I’d suggest, if the answer is the latter, you should take the car to a well rated independent shop and explain what you are hearing…show them if you can…so they can hear, see, and touch the car to find the culprit.

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That heat shield or whatever looks like it could be a culprit. Do not like the wear showing on the heater hose.

[quote=“gdavis5_182744, post:3, topic:187029”] video is mp4 maybe can figure how to upload different

Folks here seem to have best luck converting their vdo to u-tube, then posting the u-tube link. However, from my experience the audio quality just isn’t good enough to use for diagnostic purposes via the internet. So going through the trouble of converting to u-tube probably not worth the effort.

No experience w/your vehicle. How is the engine compartment configured? Transverse or longitude engine, etc? By convention right or left is generally defined by which side someone sitting in driver’s seat would say. I presume this is the left side of the engine compartment from that perspective, right? Driver’s side of engine compartment? Is your listening-tube able to ID which section of that photo the noise is the loudest?

Clanking noises can be an indication of a serious engine mechanical problem. At 50k miles, provide car has been well-maintained, that sort of problem would often be located in the valve-train area. Does your engine use active fuel management or other schemes to turn off some cylinder to improve mpg? If so, that’s often a contributing factor to some sort of valve-train problem.

2018 XT5 Cadillac Platinum 53,000 miles dealer maintained. I would get the other dealership to repair if bad news. Where I have taken it since 2018 shaking head.
I don’t see anything like a heat shield hitting, sounds from internal in the engine to me. No expert here.
The listening tube is right where I took the first picture. From front of car right side engine where the steel tubing area is looped.
Yes it has active fuel management, 4 to 6 cylinders and back, noise is at idle and I am reasonably sure during higher rpms driving etc.
Thank you all for the feedback, great !! Will really see if can get to utube link.
Concerned senior citizen.

In the above picture, there is sort of a flat piece of metal with the black hose going through it. wiggle it and see if it is hitting anywhere. it looks like it might be hitting at the bottom left corner against the other metal.
also, remember sound travels. so, it can be coming from another area other than where you think it is.

Got it uploaded : Link

Under hood noise thru listening tube.

Hope this helps

You might want to post this on a XT5 forum, maybe another owner has dealt with this problem.

Sounds like a collapsed lifter, or rocker arm problem to me. Maybe something with that goofy cylinder cut out/off garbage.

Technical difficulties prevent listening to audio, but was able to view the vdo. Good for you for figuring out how to make a u-tube from a cell phone vdo. If the sound is loudest in the area where you were placing your listening tube, concur w @PvtPublic above, some sort of valve train problem. Suggest to use the forum history link, upper right this page, to see if someone else has posted hear about a similar problem. . I seem to recall a Cad-owning poster having a similar problem, which turned out to be a broken valve spring.

Any tips you discovered about creating a utube vdo from a cell phone vdo would be appreciated.

You are listening to the direct injection high pressure fuel pump, they make noise.

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