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Undiagnosed Clanking Noise When Engine is Warm/Hot

When the engine has been run for at least 30 minutes, my friend hears a clanking noise from the front and feels the vibration of the clanking noise in the steering wheel. Tie rod has just been replaced, but still have noise after car warms up. Dealership doesn’t know what it is & never seen anything like it. Please advise…

Can you feel/hear it when the car is not moving?

How many miles, and do you have the 2.7 V6 ?

No, its mainly when you are coming to a stop or taking off, moving slow more than fast.

It has 53,000 miles and not sure if it’s a v6 or 4L. Sorry. Would that matter?

Has anyone considered the possibility of bad motor mounts?

Thanks for your question. When you say motor mounts, do you mean what keeps the motor in place? This is actually my friend’s car, and she just picked it up from the shop yesterday after being there for 2 days. They believe that they have narrowed it down to something in the steering column with 3 possible parts that could be the cause. One part is $400 and due to the expense, they were hesitate at trying it without a guarantee that it was the actual problem. She has chosen to wait on having that option done. During the two days, the shop took it to the Chrysler dealer, and they were stumped. Final analysis said that this is not something that will cause her a major problem, just has the irritaing noise. In my book, i would still be in search to fix the noise, since it shouldn’t be the case. Any further thoughts are appreciated.

You need to describe the problem better. Is this only when turning and stopping/starting? What if you are just driving straight? Do bumps have anything to do with it? Is it a regular or irregular thing? If its a regular thing does it change at all with the engine?

It doesn’t have anything to do with turning. The sound just occurs after the engine has run or idled (not necessarily driven down the street) for apprx 30 mins. She hears it when she comes to a stop and starting back up. She doesn’t hear anything when driving at any considerable speed which is probably due to the road noise, etc. drowning it out. Bumps don’t make a difference. It has become a regular thing when the engine warms up and is the exact same sound every time. The sound is a slow paced clank, not a fast pace.