i just got a d1.5b((no number ifront of the of the B)) for my civic from jdm and its having probles with the spark plugs i put the same spark plus that a d15b7 uses but this guy told me that there not the same, so i whent to the auto parts store and they told me the same.i just wjant to know were can i find out the size of plugs for that engine or if any body knows what will be great.

Do you know what year and submodel this engine came out of? Since it’s the same engine family, I can pretty much guarantee the size is the same. The heat rating is probably the same, but might not be. What I’d do if you can’t figure it out definitively is go ahead and use the plugs listed for your old engine and then pull 'em out and look at 'em 500 miles or so down the road and make sure they’re not burning or fouling.

they told me it was a 88-95 1.5 engine . the engine was carburated but i had 2 carbs on it and it was stock not like the single carb. that the U.S has may be that could be of some help.thaks for the tip on the 500 miles deal.

Hmm! That must be a really strange motor you’ve got there! For one thing, all 88 and on Civics sold here were fuel-injected and for another I don’t think they ever sold a twin-carb 1.5L engine here, since the “sporty” Civics were fuel injected. This thing might wind up being tricky to find parts for. The carb set up may be similar to the twin-carb arrangement used on some early Preludes, but those were all based on the bigger Accord engine.

i was told today that honda of japan (JDM) had the d1.5b engie for a while befor it was introduced to the U.S. i still got the peace were the carbs. go. so i was thinking of getting sum plugs for an 88 civic and see what happends.