Civic Engine Dies When Clutch Is Depressed

I have a 1998 Honda Civic 4 door 5 speed manual transmission with about 175,000 miles on it.

The problem is that when the clutch is depressed ALL the way the engine dies immediately.

If the clutch is only partly depressed as happens when shifting gears the problem does not happen,

The car must warm up a few minutes before this will happen.

What’s wrong?

Depressing the clutch shouldn’t put “drag” on the motor. When it dies, is it just an instantaneous cut off (like the ignition switch is turned off) or do the rpm’s drop and the motor is slowed by some force that is putting a load on the motor?

There is an interlock switch on the clutch to be sure the clutch is depressed when starting the car. When the car is started in neutral the switch isn’t active, but it is active when the transimission is in any gear. I’d check out the switch and the electrical connections and wires between the switch and the transmission. If the cars dies instantaneously then I think you have an electrical problem and I’d check out the clutch interlock system first.

Thanks for the tip. The engine dies immediately. There is no drag on the engine when the clutch is depressed.