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No Power in my 81' Honda CVCC

I just bought a 1981 Honda Civic Wagon that i love, but it is having major problems. Occasionally, usually after driving a bit the car doesn’t have any power. The engine will rev, and feel like it is gear, but won’t go anywhere. My friend says he thinks its the clutch, but it goes into each gear fine, and seems to be engaging. What else could it be? and how can I be sure that it is the clutch?

If the engine is revving and not pulling the car along with it, the clutch is shot.

Start the engine, set the parking brake, put the transmission in 5th gear and slowly let out the clutch. If the engine stalls when doing this there’s nothing wrong with the clutch. If the engine doesn’t stall, the clutch is slipping.


Thanks, I will try it.

Tester should have said, “add throttle as necesary.” If you do this test at idle the engine will stall even with a worn out clutch.

Pretend you’re driving away, but engage the parking brake firmly first. Try to drive the car. A good clutch will stall the engine. A bad clutch will slip and allow the engine to keep running.

Don’t do this for too long. A few seconds is all you really need.