Civic 2002 Si

I have a 2002 Honda Civic Si and I have recently been hearing a noise when I start moving from a dead stop and it sounds like a piece of hard plastic scrapping the ground for 1-1 1/2 seconds. It’s coming from the front driver’s side and only when I come to a stop sign or stop light or w.e makes me make a dead stop and start going again. The sound pretty much is only heard when I first start moving anywhere from 5-10 mph. It never reoccurs at later a later speed. The guys at the autobody cannot recreate the sound and can’t find anything.

Also- I had a vTech malfunction with the oil pressure sensor and it was rev limiting me while I drove from time to time to 3-4500 RPMs. That was replaced but I noticed it did it to me again once and was wondering if there might anything else. To complete the problem my check engine light is on about the catalytic converter

#1: Look very carefully for loose splash guards or other possible loose material the MAY come in contact with ANY moving parts. (half-shafts, cv-joints/drive shaft, tires or wheels, belts, etc.)

#2: Please post the actual code numbers.