2005 Honda Civic



I have a 2005 Honda Civic with 52k which I bought new. Over the last 2 days when I start the car after sitting for a while I notice a sound similar to a metal plat being dragged over another metal plate coming form the front end. It does not sound like it is coming from the engine, it is definitely coming from the front end. Anyway the sound lasts for approximately 25-30 seconds and then goes away until the car sits parked again for a few hours. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


It sounds like the brake pads are thin and the metal warning devices are touching the rotors telling you to get the brakes checked.


Thanks, I’ll do that. That could be an issue even when not applying the brakes?


No, you would not get that noise if the car is stationary, as the warning devices in the brake pads only make noise when the brake is applied while moving.

I think that it is more likely that you have a loose (or bent) heat shield that is causing that metallic racket. These thin pieces of sheet metal are installed at several places in the exhaust system–from under the hood to various places underneath the car. While this type of noise is very annoying, it is not dangerous.

The next time that the car is up on a lift (for its next oil change, for instance) have your mechanic check the heat shields, and more than likely he will find that one is bent or loose.


I interpreted the comment that it was definitely not coming from the engine but from the front end as meaning that the noise was occuring when the OP started rolling. Perhaps a clarification from the OP would help.


yes it happens when the car starts moving. Also I tested it and the pitch of the sound changes when applying the brakes. Thanks for your help!