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Citrus peels repel cats and and all animals

To the Hawaiian fellow who was seeking to shock the cats who are spraying on his cars.

All you have to do is place some citrus peels in the area where they pee. Maybe rub or spray some OJ or lemon juice in the exact area where they pee. All animals hate citrus. And, they usually take a good sniff before they pee, so… this really works! For me, this stopped the raccoons from pooping at my outside faucet. Stopped deer from eating my freshly planted flowers. The beauty is… I only had to put the peels out once and they never came back! I got this tip from Birds N Blooms magazine, years ago. And you don’t have be the bad guy who electrocutes cats, or poisons raccoons or deer. Try it and let me know how it works!

I guess that is why the cats hate it when I rub Orange Peels on their fur. The oil form Orange peels kills fleas.

“All animals hate citrus”

I disagree with that generalization.
Dogs are animals (if I recall correctly), and my dog–a Labrador Retriever–loves oranges!

While it is very possible that cats do not like citrus, I know of at least one dog who defies the stereotype that you have stated.

A neighbor’s dog a street over (I think) liked doing her business on my lawn. She’s friendly and lets me pet her. You can’t blame the animal - she’s just doing what animals do when they are allowed to run free unsupervised.
Last time I picked up her poo with a plastic bag and tied that to her collar to bring home.

That worked better than any orange could.
She’s no longer running around unsupervised. My lawn is clean and she’s safe.
A dog doing his business where it isn’t supposed to is an owner’s problem.

Spreading some hot powdered chilies will dissuade the toms.

In 1974, my family and I purchased a surplus Model T spark coil at a junkyard. Model T spark coils have a built-in “interrupter” (a buzzer that converts DC to AC) so all you have to do is apply six volts DC, and they crank out about 25,000 volts continuously. We connected the hot lead to the metal trash cans in our side yard and never again had a problem with cats getting into the trash. Nowadays it might be hard to find an old fashioned spark coil with an interrupter but it’s not too difficult to trigger a modern coil with a sufficiently beefy transistor oscillator. Incidentally the name we gave to the system was “cat suppressor”.

Wow. Really? Electric trash cans…citrus oil on truck tires works like magic, and is far more humane. I don’t recommend any voltage when dealing with nuisance animals; there is always the possibility that a curious child could inadvertently become injured.