06' Dodge Grand Caravan Trans Chatter 2-3



2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SE, StowNgo, 3.3L V6 MPI


First Change from stop is smooth at about 15mph then at about 25mph the next change has a vibration/chatter, after that it is smooth cruising at all other speeds.

I brought it to a small shop and was told that a machine process complete flush and fluid change would fix the problem. I’m not sure if the shop is just trying to make $129 and that I will still have the problem after that. I always thought that the bands needed to be adjusted with this type of problem.


There are no adjustments in this transmission, no bands. How many miles on the vehicle?? When was the transmission last serviced?? Heres what you need to do. Have an independant transmission shop (Not a chain transmission shop) drop the pan and examine it real good for debris, change the filter, clean and reinstall pan and refill using ONLY atf+4 transmission fluid. I would scan the TCM and check things like the CVI’s (Clutch volume indexes).



The Vehicle has 57,900 miles on it, I don’t know that the vehicle had any transmission service since I have it, probably some 25,000 miles ago. Should I go to the shop that wants to do the 'machine flush and fill?


Personally, I would not let any shop who told me that a flush & fill would fix a transmission problem touch my transmission. New fluid can help some things, but any shop telling you this is trying to sell you a service.

More to the point, don’t do the flush at all. Do as transman said - get a shop that specializes in transmissions - but not a national chain - a local, reputable independent shop. Have them drop the pan, inspect, and change the filter. Changing the filter and being able to inspect the pan are the keys here.


Thanks to everyone who offered a reply. I went to an independent transmission shop today that put the scanner on the vehicle. The only code that came up was the one that reports the battery had been disconnected which it was after I had an odometer reading of “gascap” which I fixed then disconnected the negative pole to reset it.
The machanic who took the van for the test drive said it was working normally and the little vibration was not a problem. I still don’t like the way it feels. They serviced the transmission with a new filter and fluid and showed me the pan as being free of any debris. I’m a pessimist and skeptic by nature so I just wonder if they are letting it go until it gets worse and requires a major repair. But I don’t know anything other than it cost me $89.95 out the door. What do you all think? Am I in the clear?


It is much more common, especially among national chain transmission shops, to just go straight for the throat. I.e. suspicion of a transmission problem leads one say to rebuild it. So I’d probably be thankful rather than suspicious.

Other than regular pan/filter service there is little to nothing that could be done in terms of fixing a small problem now to avoid one later. Most any serious work on the transmission involves pulling it out of the vehicle.

I’d keep up a relationship with that shop. If it keeps doing this, and especially if it gets worse take it back in to ask them to look again. Hopefully the next time you take it back in will be in 30K miles for its next service.


I believe you have something like a 604 transmission in your vehicle. It’s electronic and uses a TCC (Torque converter clutch). It’s possible that your TCC it prematurely trying to apply. This will cause a slight chatter that might come an go. The next time you feel this problem, use you left foot and gently depress the brake pedal without lifting on the accelerator. If the problem goes away, it’s the TCC. Possible leak inside the transmission circuit. Have the electonics re-flashed and see if that fixes the problem.