Chugging honda

I have a 2009 honda accord, v6, auto, 46k. It has recently started to chug, most of the time, not always. I feel it in the gas pedal. Kind of a jerking, hesitation chug while accelerating. It only chugs between 20-40 mph, disappears after that. Someone suggested a spark plug problem, but I can’t imagine it’s that since it disappears after 40mph. Could it be a transmission problem? Many many thanks in advance with any suggestions.

Sounds to me like your solution is probably to be found in your warranty - unless it was only 3yr/36K or something.

If its not under warranty, I think you’re going to have to have a mechanic drive it. What you describe could be any number of things. Spark plugs are not outside of possibility. Nor is the transmission. Nor are 100 other things.

Bought it used from a dealer, certified. Don’t know exactly what is covered. Obviously I’m hoping if it’s a trans problem that it is covered.

If it is still under warranty then take it there and have them evaluate it. Describe how to reproduce the problem in complete detail. The best case is that you go on the test drive and make sure that the condition is reproduced. Don’t let them fail to find it or tell you it is “normal.”

Was it a Honda CPO car or is someone else backing it? You must have received a copy of the insurance papers. Read them and see what is covered and what the time/mileage period is. We don’t know what is in those papers in your desk drawers.

It might also help to know how long ago you bought it and what the mileage was at that time to help you ferret through the coverage. BTW, if it is a Honda CPO, you can get the coverage information from the Honda web site:

Is a Check Engine or MIL light on? Even if it’s not on, you might want to try reading the stored computer codes.

Bought it a year ago, at 36k from the dealer, it’s their certified warranty, 7 yrs/100k powertrain warranty.

No light of any kind on. How would I go about reading the stored computer codes. And how would I know if anything is at fault? Would it be obvious to a layman?

Borrow a computer code reader from a local auto parts store. Plug is just under your dash on the driver’s side.

I wonder if you bought some bad gas. How long have you been having the problem?

Any chance it’s running on only 5 cylinders? Could be a plugged fuel injector.

Been doing this for about 2 months. Can’t be gas, use a variety of brands. Yeah, I thought fuel injector too but it only chugs between 20-40mph

I work for a Honda dealership and you have a one year 12k bumper to bumper warranty ontopnof that powertrain warranty you talked about. Bring it your dealer and have them take a look. However keep in mind your car had cyl deactivation and on a steady cruse it will drop down to 3 cyls and you may just be feeling that, it’s supposed to be seamless, but I can feel it switching over.