Chugging 2010 Honda Accord

My 2010 Honda Accord chugs when traveling at 15-40 miles per hour. I’ve owned the car for 6 years and it has 210K miles. When will stop the chugging feeling if I accelerate. The engine light is not turning on at all. The car has always ran slightly rough the entire time I’ve owned it. The spark plugs were replaces 40K miles ago. The coil packs have not been replaced. The timing chain, belt and water pump were replaced 3K miles ago.
Thank you!

Has anyone tried cleaning the electronic throttle body?


No, I will have the mechanic look at that Friday. Thank you!

Based on the info you have described, sounds like a V6. I would check the VCM module and see if disconnecting that would help. Also, I would check the transmission as the 5 speed auto can have torque convertor vibrations at the speeds you listed. Also, check the engine mounts.

Another possibility:
A TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) can do this. It’s easy to test with an ohmmeter: its resistance should change smoothly as its arm is rotated through its range of motion. Cleaning its innards with electronic cleaning spray may fix it. A new one is not too expensive, usually.

An electronic throttle body doesn’t have a conventional throttle position sensor. It has an accelerator pedal position sensor.,2010,accord,3.5l+v6,1444944,interior,accelerator+pedal+position+sensor,5061


Wow. A far cry from older simpler TPS. One more reason to keep my 99 Civic going.