Chrysler's fan belt squealing w/ 5.2L v8 engines

1993 Jeep Grand Wagoneer 5.2 V8 - can’t stop the fan belt squeal. My mech. has used every brand. Has 5 customers w/this engine and SAME problem. One is a Dodge Truck…flip the belt and get 3 days of quiet. Help He’s stumped and frustrated.

Are any of the pulleys glazed?

Are the belt tension pulley(s) in good condition? A weak one will let the belt slip at different times.

Sure it’s a belt squeal? Worn pulley bearings can cause a squeal too.

Are all the pulleys in alignment? Use a straight edge to check.

While the belt is off, manually check each pulley by rotating the pulley and at the same time force it sideways.

What is the installed tension as measured with a belt tension gauge?

I will bring up these suggestions to my mechanic today. We’ve touched on most of these but, maybe not the worn pulley bearings. Will ask @ using the straight edge tocheck the pulley alignment too. It’s a tight serpentine belt with the v-grooves. Replaced a water pump 7-9 months ago. Let’s see what happens.