Chrysler V6 upper intake manifold gasket

I’m giving my daughter’s 1996 Chrysler Sebring Convertible what we old geezers used to call a tune up. To do so I had to remove the upper intake manifold and I was wondering if the gasket, which came off in one piece and looks OK, can be re-used. If so, do I have to do anything special to it?

If you have that much work into it, I’d just buy a new gasket and have the peace of mind. I suppose you could use the old one if it’s still pliable and not shrunken or cracked, but I personally wouldn’t. These are the things that always bite you in the end–save $30 now and then spend hours doing the job again.

If this is the 2.7L V6, you may want to use full synthetic oil all the time and change it frequently–these engines are known for sludging and early failure because of it, but if taken care of, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Oblivion, I Believe This Sebring’s Got A 2.5L V-6. I Don’t Believe The 2.7L Went Into Sebrings Until The 2001 Model-Year.


Thanks for the in put. It is a 2.5l V6. The family friend gave the car to my daughter also has a newer Sebring with a 2.7l (I assume) V6 that did fail @ 80,000mi about 3 years ago. So you suggestion that I switch over to synthetic oil has given me something to think about until I change the oil again.