Chrysler Town and Country Grinding

So my town and country is making a weird grinding noise when turning left and when it makes the noise the traction control light flashes. Not sure what is causing this issue. The van is old and has a lot of miles so I dont know if its even worth fixing or just time to replace the van.


My best guess is that a CV joint is about to fail.


Because of the traction control flashing I would suspect a very bad wheel bearing. Also have the brakes looked at when you take it in. Bearings are not that expensive compared to getting a replacement vehicle, but I don’t know the year or mileage on this van
These can last an awful long time if properly maintenanced.


It’s a 2008 with just shy of 200k miles on it. Its getting up there for sure.

The wheel speed sensor is part of the wheel bearing assembly.

The bearing is probably failing, causing a misalignment of the sensor and the tone ring.


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I have a 2005 with 260,000. My daughters is 2006 with 270,000.
But you are right I also would be careful of expensive repairs when anything approaches 200,000. If the van is in considerably good shape I wouldn’t let a CV Axle or bearing stop me. You might consider making the repairs and selling, but then you’d have to start over with another car with unknown issues.

If the problem is the wheel bearing (which seems like a pretty good guess), the problematic bearing ass’y is probably on the right side of the vehicle. The vehicle’s weight shifts to the right when turning left. Are you able to tell if it the sound is coming from the front vs rear?

Bearing vs CV joint? Faulty wheel bearings tend to make either a roaring sound that gets worse the faster you go, or at low speeds during turning, sort of like a washing machine sounds in the wash cycle. Faulty CV joints usually make a clicking sound, esp when turning at low speeds. Although they can sometimes make grinding sounds too. If a CV joint is confirmed to be making a grinding sound, that problem has to be addressed asap.