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Chrysler t&c 2001

My husband was driving up a hill and the power just went off suddenly. The panel lights except the clock and mileage light went off two days earlier. What could it be?

Please Explain " . . . the power just went off suddenly."
What “Power” Went Off ?
Did The Engine Quit ?
Would It Restart ?
Did It Lose Power, But Would Still Run / Idle ?

Did The “Check Engine” light come on at any point ?


While I’m Waiting For More Information, Let Me Say That Some 2001 & 2002 T&Cs Had Problems With The Original TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) That Caused Sag / Hesitation / Stalling Concerns.

I’m not sure this is your problem. If it is the problem, I’m not certain, but I believe a “revised” TPS was made available.

Sometimes a code PO123 - ( Throttle position sensor voltage high ) is present, but not always.


Everything died. Engine, all electricity, would not restart, lost power. Dead as a doornail.

Hi heatherford, bummer about the car. If the car can be jump started, I would put money on the charging system. Some times if the alternator is dead, and the battery is fully discharged both need to be replaced. First step, test the battery. If it cannot be charged replace it. If it starts with a good battery, then have the charging system checked. The alternator should put out ~14 volts with the engine running.

HI y’all,
It ended up being a loose wire that connected the battery to the van ( do not really know which one) Any way we replaced the wire and like magic it worked again! Has been running fine since. Thanks for all your posts!