98 Chrysler T&C starts and turns off

My wife drives our 98’ T&C van and recently it has been acting up every once and awhile. The problem is after starting the car it immediately shuts itself off. Turning the key back then turning system on the gauges won’t read. No gas or anything. The inside lights work and so does the radio but nothing dealing with the engine. Normally after sitting for awhile the gauges read and the car will start. Also if you continue trying to start the van, it will shut off and then the engine won’t engage. I was told by a guy at the dealership it was a bad module in my buss line, but I can’t find any information about that. And truthfully I don’t know what or where the buss line is. I have messed with the relays and that didn’t work either. I have not changed any relays though. Is this something I can figure out and fix myself? thanks for your time. The first time this happened was about 2 months ago, then a month ago, then 2 weeks ago, and now. So you can see the problem is getting worse. Thanks a lot!!!

The trouble may be with some of the contacts in the ignition switch. I think the the tech may have been refering to the power buss. The main power leads for the power distribution. That will be under the hood and tied to the power panel under there. The trouble may also possibly be in the BCM (body control module).