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Chrysler info

Is anyone on here familiar with chrystler 300m models i need some info on something to do with my car

Info can’t be provided until the question is asked.


I need to know why on a 2000 chrysler 300m that aftermarket o2 sensor cant be used to replaced dealership brand 02 sensors

And who told you that?


There was guy that i met and talked to about it on another site like this amd he seemed like he knew what he was talking about amd even came out and tested some of them on the car and he did it free of chrage so i dont see why he would lie i just dont understand why a aftermarket version couldnt do the same?

Any thoughts on that?


The vehicle manufacturer doesn’t make the O2 sensor.

The O2 sensors are purchased from a vendor/supplier to be installed into the vehicles.

So the O2 sensor that’s in the vehicle was probably made by the same company that sells O2 sensors at the parts store.


So basicaly the ones sold at autozone could be used?

All the O2 sensors I’ve installed came from CarQuest.

Never had a problem.


What year and model did you have, because the guy said this was only a thing they did for 2000 and 01.

I work on all makes. models, years of vehicles.

And I’ve never had a problem installing an aftermarket O2 sensor in any of them.


Do you know of a surefire way i could check them individualy to see if theyre in need of replacing or not outside of using a code reader?

Is the Check Engine light on?


Yes it is but im not at a place to where i can drive and get the codes read

What year is this Chrysler?


Its a 2000 300m

Try this.

Turn the ignition switch on so the dash lights come on for a second, and then turn the ignition switch off.

Repeat this three times and then leave the ignition switch ON.

See if the Check Engine light starts flashing.

If it does, the Check Engine light is flashing codes.

Now all you have to do is look up the codes for a Chrysler that flashes the Check Engine light.


Tester has provided excellent guidance. He’s also beautifully described why aftermarket parts are not problematic simply because they’re aftermarket parts.

I will only add that I personally have had problems with Autozone parts and would recommend going elsewhere. AZ seems in my experience to sell some junk. Try a parts supplier that supplies the local garages.

Also do yall have any suggestions as to increase the braking strength on the vehicle because it brakes to slow and if needed to brake quickly in a short distance would most likely result in an accident

Chrysler cheaped out when it came to the brake components on the 300.

A big heavy vehicle with the brake components on the Neon.

They did the same thing on the mini-van.