Chrysler concorde belt tensioner

I have a chrysler concorde 2002. Does that car have a “belt tensioner”? Thanks

Which belt, Which Engine?

There are 2 different engines.
They both have serpentine and accessory (A/C) belt tensioners. I believe the 3.5L engine has a timing belt and the 2.7L a timing chain, both of which have tensioners.

Please tell what you have in mind.
No you’re not! This makes for confusion!

hm… i will look in the manual to see what I have because i have no idea!! Is this something I can tighten? Is it just a bolt that needs turning or do i need to remove the flux capacitor?

Belt Tensioner Hunter

You will probably not find the engine size in the manual. Looking at the engine, it should say 2.7 or 3.5 on top. Do you feel a loose belt or hear a squeal or is someone telling you that a belt is too loose?

I believe the 2.7 has a self-adjusting Air Conditioning belt. Maybe not on the 3.5. The most probable loose belt is the serpentine belt. They are adjusted by loosening a locking bolt, turning the adjuster bolt, and then retightening the locking bolt.

Give us a little more to go on and we’ll try and help.

The Mr. Fusion unit can stay right in place!

Thanks for all the help! I looked. it is a 2.7 L.

I put a video here:

for you to hear what it sounds like. I made it blurry to hide my identity. I work for the government, no not really!

The problem is, its SO hard to get to the serpentine belt!!! I have about 3 inches of space for my hand. I have no idea how I would be able to see anything.

So…what do you think!? THANKS!