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2001 Chrysler Sebring Mitsu 3.0L Engine Alternator Belt

Earlier today i noticed a loop hanging under my car. When i removed the item it turned out to be my AC/Alternator belt. Thinking it was bad i went ahead and got a new one. Prepared for a hard battle i find that the part slips on easily. now i can not get the belt tight at all it had about an inch or 2 of slack. I do not have a repair manual and i do not have the money for one. I can not find a diagram for my specific engine. It is a 2001 Chrysler Sebring with a Mitsubishi 3.0L 24 Valve Engine. What am i doing wrong? i need this fixed to go to work tomorrow.

I don’t know this engine, but my first question would be, why was the original belt hanging loose?

There’s likely a tensioner pulley you’re missing. It is meant to keep the belt tight.
Maybe it fell off?

Edit: This tech page may help you identify what’s going on:

I see no evidence that tensioner pulley

I bet you need one. Belts usually go around pulleys and one pulley very often allows itself to be moved, sometimes by adjusting a bolt but other times by really strong spring action (like yours appears to be).

That pulley is probably missing. Maybe it fell off.

First off how do I put tension on the Belt normaly?

Does yours look like this?

Btw, autozone has free on line partial manuals to lots of cars. That may help you find a procedure on how to tighten it. I don’t have a Seabring myself.

the bottom one is it we are not missing any pullies. how do we use the tensioner pully? if you will give me the page before the one with the image it should be of great help

i am looking and all the auto zone talks about is the tensioner bolt but they conveniently forgot to show where this blot was…


Is your model like this?

If so, loosen that locking nut some and use the adjusting bolt to get it tensioned up and then tighten the locking nut back up.

If you have a 3.0 Mitsu engine you must have a 2 door which is an entirely different car and engine that the 4 door which had a 2.7 Chrysler engine.
Chilton Library doesn’t acknowledge the 2 door car but since your car is mechanically a Mitsubishi Eclipse, directions or diagrams for that car should work. Unfortunately I am not computer adept enough to provide them.

Oldtimer is correct, Sebring/Stratus coupes are manufactured by Mitsubishi and share no parts with the sedans. When ordering parts you must make it clear that the vehicle is a coupe.

Some of the tensioners from those years had an internal spring which provided the tension. I’ve seen those springs freeze up. You may need a new tensioner.

We know the tensioner is part of the equation and possibly part of the problem. I think he’s looking for some sort of procedure to tighten it up, guys.
I found that same drawing, Nevada, but can’t find a procedure, not even what nuts and bolts to turn. If you have a manual, maybe copy that section and post it up for the guy.

To adjust the alternator/A/C belt first loosen thr tensioner pulley bolt. The bolt to adjust the tension is just below the tensioner pulley accessed from under the engine (the head of the bolt can be seen in the diagram).

If the new belt is 2 inches too long I think it is the wrong belt, the adjuster won’t take up that much slack.

They probably gave you the belt for the 2.7 Chrysler V6. The tensioner on this car is not a speing loaded tensioner like most cars ude but an adjustable one with a locking bolt that must be loosened first , then an adjustment bolt that must be backed off quite a way to get thw new belt on.
Then you have to tighten it a long way to get the right tension, then tighten the locking bolt
If after a few thousabd miles, the belt starts squealing, you have to adjust it againBut always loosen the locking bokt first and tighten it wheb you are donr.