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Anti Lock Brakes trouble 1997 Plymouth grand Voyager 3.3 L

ABS trouble 1997 Plymouth grand Voyager 3.3 L- I have just replaced both brake lines running from the master cylinder to the ABS distribution box due to rust which had corroded through both lines. To do this I needed to remove all lines from the ABS pump module including the electrical. After connecting the master cylinder lines I reconnected the four brake lines, one from each wheel to the ABS box. When I went to bleed the brake lines at the individual wheel cylinders, only one of the four brake cylinders had pressure at it. Checking back at the ABS box I removed three lines and had my wife pump the brakes see if brake fluid would come out of the holes in the ABS box. No fluid came out of three of the four holes. Only one line had pressure on it. Is the ABS box plugged? I had to disconnect the battery and then plug/electrical cable to the ABS module. Does that have any effect? Am I Bleeding improperly? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Dave V.

I don’t think that an ABS system is a DIY project for most shade tree mechanics. I suggest that you have the van towed to a good independent mechanic and let them repair the vehicle properly. You don’t want to make a mistake with your brakes because the safety of yourself, your passengers and others in your path depends upon a viable repair.

It requires a Diagnostic Readout Box (DRB-III) to bleed the ABS on the vehicle. Without this scan tool the brakes cannot be properly bled.


I didn’t know about the Diagnostic Readout Box. Thanks Tester for mentioning it.

It seems without it, when you bleed a system, it doesn’t bleed the fluid inside the ABS unit.

It also appears this is a Chrysler item only. Is that true, or do other manufactures use it?

Is this or a similar unit needed to bleed ABS brakes on other brand vehicles?

DRB is exclusive to Chrysler/Jeep vehicles. Like TECH is exclusive to GM vehicles. And Rotunda is exclusive to Ford vehicles.


To all responded thank you.
I understand now that I need to have a special scan tool properly bleed the system. I will take it to my independent mechanic to have it done.
Best of luck to you all.