Chrysler 300c srt8 2008 é bom?

Estou pensando em comprar um 300c 6.1 srt8 2008, gostaria de saber se é um carro bom mesmo. Em relação ao custo benéfico e despesas, não estou preocupado.

Em inglês, por favor.


It’s a special 300c with the biggest motor available for the platform. Good performance value but not for everyone. Chrysler’s M5 or E63 Amg.

It’s a 12 year old car. So who knows what condition (mechanical or otherwise) the particular car you’re looking at is in. Getting an independent mechanic to inspect the car before committing to the purchase would be a good idea.

The 300 SRT8 was the fastest 300 they made. I want to say that it was the fastest production sedan (in terms of tops speed) you could get for certain model years. By today’s standards, it’s still quite quick, but it’s not the king of the hill anymore.