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Chrysler 300

Hey i found a 2013 chrysler 300 it has 106,000 miles is that Good Or Bad ? Im looking into buying it.

It would appear that the car has been driven an average of 35k miles per year, which indicates mostly highway usage, and that is a good thing. However, the way that it was maintained is the key to whether or not you are buying something that will be a potential money pit.

Get a copy of the mfr’s maintenance schedule for this model, and then sit down long enough with the car’s maintenance records so that you can compare the car’s actual maintenance to what was supposed to have been done.

If you find that the car has been maintained in accordance with the mfr’s specifications, that fact–coupled with its mostly highway usage–is a good thing. However, even with a good maintenance record, you really need to pay a mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection in order to verify the car’s mechanical condition.

On the other hand, skipped maintenance is a big negative factor, and has the potential to stick you with big repair bills in the future. If no maintenance records for this car are available, I suggest that you keep looking for a car whose maintenance records are available.

+1 to @VDCdriver Take the car to a mechanic for a pre purchase inspection, best $100-$150 you can spend. If they skimped on oil changes the engine will be a mess. Regular oil changes and the engine is just broken in :wink:

You might also stop by the bookstore and see what CR shows for reliability data for this car. It’s well worth the visit.

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According to Consumer Reports, the 2013 300 has below average reliability for climate control, power equipment, and in car electronics. The transmission is average and noises/leaks are average. Everything else is above average. Note that average reliability is 97.5% success according to CRs methodology. If you like the car and it has been maintained well, it could be a good buy. That assumes it is sold at an attractive price. If you still want to buy it after a test drive, take it to a trusted mechanic and get a prepurchase inspection for about $100. If he finds anything significant, keep looking.

You can also read owner reviews here:

I’ve always liked the appearance of that car and think its a pretty good choice if you’re looking for something a little more upscale than a Camry or Accord. It seems to be designed as a sort of luxury cruiser. The 2013 model seems to get above average reliability ratings from owners on most everything , including the engine major mechanicals. The only exceptions are “average” ratings on transmission-minor, climate control, body integrity, and body hardware; and “below average” on the audio system. It has good power, but on the heavy side so it suffers on the mpg.

So if you’re willing to spend a little extra on gas expenses for the comfort of a bigger car, and don’t mind a few trips to the shop to get the body fasteners re-fastened and the transmission inspected for minor problems once in a while, go for it.

The main question for me at this point would be exactly how much are they asking for it.

The rough going price on one of these is around 12-14k and that’s for cars with far fewer miles.

@ok4450 12,900

Thanks Everyone i found a 2010 Ford Taurus wit 80,000 miles ima go for it it looks good nd drives really smooth clean inside out

Did you get a mechanic to inspect it? Looks can be deceiving. The Taurus might be just the car for you, but you don’t want unpleasant surprises a few months from now.

My point about the asking price is that a number of 300s with half that many miles have sold on eBay for about the same price.

Had a 300 as a rental, fine car comfy, big trunk, decent gas mileage, but get a mechanic inspection as advised previously.

Maybe it is clean inside and out because it’s a flood car!:grinning:

Check the VIN on safecar to see if there are any recalls. I like to get the carfax to see where the car was used.

I find it humorous that you consider a Chrysler 300 to be “a little more upscale than a Camry or Accord”

I’d personally rather get a decked-out Camry or Accord with a V6

That would be win-win . . . reliability, resale value, etc.

I might point out the Accord is a fairly roomy car

Buy it, you will love it. I have owned two 300C over the last 8 years and couldn’t wait to get my 2015. Follow the suggestions already made here and if the price is right go for it. You will not regret it.

Btw, I have never had a single problem with any of my cars and performed all needed maintenance myself. Make sure you keep a log of what you did and definitely all receipts.