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Any experience with the 2018 Chrysler 300 Touring, Limited, or S models?

I owned a 2014 300S. Good on gas and comfortable but dealer service was overall subpar. My car never left me stranded, but I had smaller issues such as nav unit going out - then Bluetooth, then heater fan, etc. Dealer wasn’t very helpful. This morning my colleague tells me he is shopping the 300’s as a personal car for commuting, weekend travel, etc. (Different dealer than mine in 2014.) He is surprised by excellent pricing on these cars (2018 models). Any thoughts or suggestions before he considers seriously or talks to a dealer? Thanks

How many vehicles are you going to ask about ? And by know you should know that any help you give a friend , coworker or relative will fall under the ( No good deed goes unpunished ) .

Yes. I’m sure that’s true. I’m interested in many cars. I have only one, but I do like to look, research, and occasionally drive other vehicles. Thanks :blush:

They are priced competitively because the platform it’s built on is 13 years old itself (if you want to get really specific it can trace it’s lineage back to the MB E-Class from the early 2000’s). So it’s tooling is largely paid for, also helping matter is the economy of scale, the LX platform is also shared with the Charger and Challenger. Sort of the same situation Ford had with Panther cars, they were mostly unchanged for close to two decades and shared engines, transmissions, and other parts with the F-150,Econoline, and sometimes the Explorer, so production got pretty inexpensive later in it’s production run.

I haven’t driven a newer one, but I got to drive a 2008 SRT-8 model. It was a hoot, and I drove a model of a similar vintage with a 3.5L V6. It was underwhelming The newer models have the more powerful 3.6L with an 8 speed automatic, I imagine it’s performance is fine. However if I wanted to own one, I’d get the 300C with the hemi,

Overall, Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep products have one of the worst reliability records there are.

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CR rates it below average for reliability, and above average for owner satisfaction. “One of the best large sedans on the market… feel[s] like a true luxury car at thousands less than what luxury brands charge.” (See April 2018 issue.)

Sedans are generally unpopular, especially large sedans. That, more than anything else, means attractive prices for the 300.

Check to see what Consumer Reports New Car Guide says about its predicted reliability compared to the other potential choices.