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Chrysler 300 3.5 engine just lost all power and smells like burning rubber

I turn my Chrysler 300 on put my kid in the car and his car seat and the car just shut off lost all power and smells like burning rubber and now it has no power whatsoever what could it be?

Is your oil at the correct level? That’s one of the first things to check.

Explain what you mean by “lost all power”. Does the engine still idle, but when you step on the gas the car won’t move? If so the brakes may be locked on for some reason. Or the transmission may be slipping badly. Both could cause a burning rubber odor. Good suggestion above to check the engine oil level. If possible check the transmission fluid level also

lost power I mean like it was on idling I stepped on the brake to put it in reverse and everything just shut off the car shut off no power wasn’t running was it on no more nothing won’t turn on put the key in the lights come on nothing at all I was thinking you tried to bring is that possible

I had a problem similar to that once, caused by the battery connections coming loose. But there was no odor associated with it. Good idea to ask your shop to check the battery connections.

First step has already been mentioned. Check the oil level. Lack of oil will cause loss of power, an engine to quit, and also cause a burning smell.

Battery cable connections can cause a problem like this but it’s not likely to cause a burning smell unless some alternator wiring shorted out. A fusible link should provent that but…

Anyone check to see if the serpentine belt is still there ?

Seized up alternator, A/C compressor, power steering pump could have burned up the belt and that was the smell