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Burning rubber smell

My 2005 Town & Country sometimes smells of burning rubber. Mechanic can`t find the problem. Want to know why it happens. Any concerns for safety?

Under what conditions do you smell the burning rubber? Is there a common set of circumstances or is it random?

I agree, there could be several possibilities all ranging from a dragging serpentine belt (although it would’ve snapped by now if that was the case), dragging brakes (common), or something completely different. Where is the smell coming from? When does it occur? Etc. Etc…

One time we had driven alnost miles-the next was 13 miles-usually we couldnt smell it inside but could smell it outside-we park it outside now because we fear it might catch fire. The dealer cant find the problem-they said bring it to them when it smells hot-it usually happens when they are not open.
Someone said check the brakes or the transmission-both seem to be working ok as far as we can tell.

should have been almost 100 miles

Sometimes an oil leak dripping on hot components can smell when driving that might not show up easily. If the hot oil also falls on rubber components, the smell would be more pungent. Heat in the proximity of rubber components might yield the smell too.