Chry high idle

2000 chry sebring 2.5 idles at 5500 RPM’s changed all sensors, comp,dist, engine wiring harness. what else???

You replaced all that over a high idle?? Well first of all you need to determine if the throttle plate is shutting all the way and that there’s no binding in the linkage. If that checks out I’d look at the Idle Air Control Valve- I’d assume that’s the likely culprit.

In addition to what Dave G. noted, look and listen for a vacuum leak getting into the intake manifold. This is going to be a massive leak so it might be the brake booster vacuum line or the PCV vacuum line. You could try plugging these two hoses and see if the high idle abates.

did that first.replaced whole throdle plate assy also. took all cables off also

Why did you replace the throttle body? It sounds like you’re just replacing expensive parts at random-diagnose the problem first then replace parts. Idle speed can only pick up with the entrance of air, so you either have a leak, an idle valve issue, or the plate isn’t adjsuted correctly-not much else.

plate came off a running car . put plate on other car runs fine. have two cars one totaled and one not