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High Idiling

So my 03 chrylser sebring this monring when i started it ididling up really high to like 3 prms. So i let it sit for a min thinking that it would go back down., No luck .So i put the car in drive and the high idiling stop but i fel like a jerking feeling like the car just took off before i could hit the gas. So i put it in park again and once again it started to idil high again and every time i stop and go i feel the jerking sensation ( like the car took off on its own.) im not sure what the isuse is and cant get to a shop till saturday. I was told that it could be , throttle body needs to be cleaned, throttle position sensor, idle air control valve or just spark plug replacement. I know that im due for a tune up and was getting it done saturday. Any suggestions

I’d clean your Idle Air Control Valve with some throttle body cleaner.
Maybe check for vacuum leaks while you’re under the hood.

ok thanks… im going to do all lthe cheap stuff to see if that fixes the problem.