Chord to open hood

The chord that I pull to open the hood of my car has broken and come out of the housing unit it was in. I cannot open my hood now…any suggestions???

You might be able to snake an extension, socket and rachet into the grille and detach the hood latch. Sometimes a long screwdriver will pop the latch also. If you have room the center support, aka, latch support, can be removed.

year, make, model???

I keep getting tricked by these tags that contain some information about the car. So you have a Blazer of some year and model. You can get the hood open on the small Blazers by removing some of the grill screws and working the latch over,never found a real ellegant way, always a fight.

If you must destroy something, destroy the plastic grill…

The grill on my 2000 Blazer comes off easily to get to the turn signal bulbs. Just pull it forward, it’s held in by clips, no screws. Once the grill is off, there should be access to the latch mechanism.

Ed B.

Perhaps you are not hitting the correct keys, or maybe the vehicle does not like the chords that you have been playing for it. Have you tried an F Minor chord?


I’m sorry. The Devil made me say that.

thank you for your response…the best idea out of the ones I rec’d…
I will give it a try…

You beat me too it VDCdriver!