Pop the hood and lets have a look!

and thats just it. appearently the spring located at the end of the hood latch release is completely worn out and pulling the handle does nothing. with some brute strength and some choice words i can eventualy get it to pop up enough to be able to hit the secondary release and then have access to the engine. is there an easy way to fix this or do i have to have someone replace the whole cable? this is on a 2000 chevy blazer

The first thing to try is liberally lubricate the hood release mechanism to see if it free’s it up.


If you can get this hood open do not shut it even one more time before the reason for the hood release difficulty is diagnoised and repaired.

Do not just lube and shut too test, It may not open again without extreme difficulty, if it were my car it gets a cable for sure.

Like oldschool said, don’t shut it again until the problem is corrected. I’ve used the shaft of a screwdriver to imitate the hood loop in a ‘shut test’ to determine the problem in the hood latch, to know weather it is a stretched cable or dried out lubrication in the hood latch.

ive searched it up and down and can see that the spring on the far end (under the hood) is completely wore out and suspect that its not providing enough pressure to “pop” the latch. im hoping that the spring itself is replaceable and dont have to replace the entire cable.