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Choosing a new vehicle

I love my 2000 Accord and bought it brand new 10 years ago. Now I’d like to get something bigger and better in the snow. I’ve test-driven a 2008 Pilot and LOVED it, but it’s out of my price range. Any suggestions on a similar vehicle that is more reasonably priced?

Subaru Outback?

I’m considering Subarus. A distinct possiblity.


How serious is the snow? While getting 4WD will do the most, using real WINTER (not snow) tyres will get you almost as much, and winter tyres help you stay on the road and help you stop while 4WD will not help you stay on the road or help you stop faster.

Mazda CX-9, Ford Edge or Explorer, Hyundai Santa Fe or Veracruz.
With used Subarus, you’ll want to pay close attention to the tires on it. Do all 4 match and look to be relatively the same depth? Good. Do they have 2 different brands of tires or have tires that are worn differently? Bad, this could likely lead to an expensive repair down the road. It’s also why most tires shops will tell you you need to replace all 4 tires when you have 1 go bad, they don’t want to be held liable should you damage your car.
Not to scare you away from Subaru, just some good advice on what to look for.

The latest Accord is bigger. A good set of winter tires would probably make it a decent snow vehicle.

How much snow do you need to drive through?

If you must have AWD, the Subaru system is one of the best, but good winter tires do wonders for almost any vehicle.