What's the best snow/ice car, SUV or truck?

I’m considering buying a new vehicle and live in the Northeast. My current vehicle, an old Ford Explorer with AWD, actually doesn’t do that well in snow. I’d like to hear reader recommendations for a new vehicle (car, truck or SUV) from those who have owned vehicles that have been excellent performers in snow and icy conditions.

Your vehicle should be good in snow with the proper tires. I would suggest you purchase 4 winter tires, such as Michelin X-ICE or similar on their own steel rims. Your grip and control should increase dramatically, as many readers and posters have found. Do NOT buy “Performance Winter Tires”; these are sold fo high performance cars, but are not all that good in snow.

Aside from the winter tires and some lessons in winter driving (Try AAA), you should do as well as anybody.

A sled with reindeer comes to mind. Even one accident case I have never heard of.

i have a toyota 4r and a subaru legacy OB and i live in maine. even comparing the 4R equipped with studded snow tires to the subaru with all season radials, the subaru takes it for paved road driving, regardless of the weather. the only exception might be heavy snow that requires the ground clearance of the 4 runner. but for highway driving, etc. give me all wheel drive in snow and ice.

The truth is if you have AWD and its working it is more than likely poor tires in the snow/ice. Some posters here may have suggestions. A set of true winter tires or winter biased all-seasons will transform your old chariot into a snow machine.

Otherwise I love my Subaru Legacy(similar to Outback) however again equipping it with 4 winter tires is key for great traction in the snow. I use 4 Nokian WR G2’s an interesting winter rated tire that is also an all-season and find my Legacy have no issue in any winter condition (even snow over bumper).

There are many AWD choices not sure what you desire. Remember tires are very important in snow/ice beyond vehicle.

The truth is if you have AWD and its working it is more than likely poor tires in the snow/ice.

I have to agree…It’s the tires. My 4runner came with Dunlap OEM tires…that were cr*p in the snow. Switched to Cooper Discover ATR…all the difference in the world. With the Dunlaps I had to switch to 4wd with the slightest bit of snow and incline. Now I rarely switch to 4wd…only in the deep stuff or a good incline.