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Choosing a car

Man everyone on here really tore your choices up. I personally think there is more to a car then simply the reliability of it and also love many European cars even if they do require extra maintenance compared to something from Japan. I personally would go with the A6 or Passatt. You man also want to check out a VW Jetta Sportwagon TDI, 42 MPG and a awesome car.

Oh, man, you guys are funny today. I agree. The only thing I can say in his defense is he has been driving a disaster already, so he may not know the difference. He might like walking, hee, hee.

Speaking from experience, I would not recommend the Passat, or either Audi-I have a 2003 passat and VW’s are very similar to Audi’s and my passat is a money pit! The check engine light comes on about every other month or so and many times, the mechanics (both dealership and private mechanics) can’t even find the problem. They always replace something, and the light will go off for a couple days, then is back on. It is quite luxurious and VERY fun to drive, but don’t make the mistake we did!