Chocolate-Eating Mice

Cabela’s Outdoor Store has several camera options so the caller can make a video of the mice in his car - here is one model; Wildgame Innovations™ Hi-Definition Infrared Action Camera - it’s relatively inexpensive too.

How do we even know that the mice are storing the kisses in the car? Really need a set of cams to monitor the exterior of the car as well. Yes, I have heard of mice and squirrels storing food in the vehicle, but mice like to bring the food back to the nest if possible.

Leave the mice alone and let them eat up the chocolate.

I discussed this w/my stepdaughter and we think there’s a good chance that it was The Borrowers and not mice.

We know the mice are storing the kisses in the car because the caller said that some time after the bowl of kisses was found empty, the car suddenly smelled like chocolate, and bits of foil and paper tags were seen to come out of the vents.

I like the idea of surveillance video (and put it on YouTube when you’re done with it!) but nobody found it necessary to point out that the next bowl of chocolate need not be the full three pounds.

An approach I’d like to see is to release a bunch of trained mice into the car who will go into the vents and bring the chocolate back out.

I’d love to see a video of this too!