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'14 Tacoma panic alarm going off randomly

I recently purchased a 2014 Toyota Tacoma. Just in the past two weeks the panic alarm has been going off randomly throughout all hours of the day and night. There is no rhyme or reason that I can figure out. Sometimes it does it at night, but I’ve had it go off early in the morning three times in a row. I took it to a Toyota dealer and they said they couldn’t diagnose it unless it went off, and naturally it didn’t. So I’m still with a car that is progressively irritating my neighbors. (And yes no one is actually trying to break into it, I’ve been siting right next to it when it has started blaring)

Typically the panic alarm goes off, it runs maybe a 20 second cycle, then shuts off.


Thanks much,

try this:

Is this a factory alarm or an aftermarket alarm?

Where are your keys when this happens? If they’re in your purse, could the buttons be getting pressed by the other items in there?

Personally I would just disable the alarm. Car alarms going off have become so common place even thieves don’t pay attention to them anymore. In a lot of cases where it would even be set off by an actual thief say in the mall, super market, workplace parking lot you wouldn’t know it anyways. Not to mention having to hear everyones horn blare (as if to say “look at me I have an alarm”) every time they lock or unlock their car. In my lowly opinion they are nothing but an annoyance to every one.