Chirping (squeaking) driver rear

so i took my car to be fixed today, last month they took a look at it and said that the car needed new shocks-struts (etc) and that was the cause of the squeak. so with $400 spent today, the sqeak is still there! so what possibly could be wrong with the car and is it safe to drive? they told me it was, but after this drama i dont believe that.

car year is 2000 with 122k miles and i keep it the best shape a guy could that doesnt know anything about fixing cars

I can’t envision any type of squeak that would make a car unsafe to drive and it is also hard to envision that the shop would give you your car back in a condition unsafe to drive (based solely on the squeak) I can envision a shop misdiagnosing or incorrectly repairing part of your car but I really need more to tell you your car is unsafe to drive. You want me to both make a diagnosis and tell you if this problem that I diagnosis makes your car unsafe to drive, I can’t do that based on the info you provided.

Surely a mechanic could so badly perform the work involved in replacing shocks and struts that would make the car unsafe to drive but you have not described any sympton that would lead me to beleve that the work was this poorly performed. What I am getting at is, sure the shop could have left the lug nuts that hold your tire on loose, that would make the car unsafe to drive, but you don’t describe this situation.

In short, a squeak won’t typically be the cause of you having a car crash.

Ok, does anyone think it is the wheel bearing? Even when the car is not in motion and I put weight down on the back left side, it squeaks…


If you aren’t in motion, the only way I could see it being a wheel bearing is if the thing is moving significantly - so much so that you would easily detect it if you lifted the car and yanked the wheel around.

More likely it’s either in the strut assembly (they didn’t fix it properly) or you have a bushing or joint in the rear control arm (or lateral rod, as Chrysler likes to call them) or in the strut rod (other makers call this a tension rod) that is dry and making noise.

I have a bushing in my rear control arm in my Taurus that squeaks. It has for years. Comes and goes, but the thing is VERY tight still and in alignment. A little silicon spray every 9 months or so keeps it quiet.

so then i spent $400 on two new sensatrac struts and one stabilizer link and i basically did not need it? it squeaked before the new parts and still sqeauks with it.

p.s. i just called the shop & he said it could be the mount plate rubbing against it. if thats the issue then struts wasnt the issue and i just got ripped off!