Chirping sound when I hit the acceleration

Recently I started getting this chirping sound when I hit the accelerator at low speeds. Does anyone know what exactly this is? I’m supposed to take it to Dodge on monday to get it diagnosed, but wondering if anyone has experienced this as well? Anything will help. Thanks.

I drive a 2020 dodge challenger with only 2300k miles on it.

It doesn’t matter what any of us–from afar–think that the problem is.
The bottom line is that, with a brand-new, fully-warrantied vehicle, you have to allow the dealership to go through their corporate-dictated diagnostic protocol and to–fully–perform the needed adjustments/repairs. An additional bottom line is that dictating specific repair procedures on a new and fully warranted vehicle is not a good idea, and will likely result in expenses that you would normally be able to avoid on a brand-new, fully-warrantied vehicle.

If one of our forum members recommends a specific repair procedure, and if you demand that particular procedure, you will have to pay for it if it is not successful. Instead, you need to allow “normal” corporate-driven diagnostic and repair procedures to proceed. If they are not successful, then you can “kick it up” to the corporate level.


Do a little testing to see if you can figure out a little more about the chirp. At what speed does it go away? Does it consistently go away at that speed? Does the frequency change with speed? Does it go away after, say, 15 minutes when you return to a low speed? It might always be there, but you can’t hear it anymore because of road, engine, or wind noise at higher speeds. More information for the dealer’s shop could help them figure it out.

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