Chirping Noise under Honda Odyssey

There is a chirping noise coming from the car, it seems to be underneath and usually appears around 25-30mph.

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What year, how many miles, has all maintenance been completed on time as recommended in the owners manual?

And does it stop when you apply the brakes?

Suggest to do a quick check on the integrity of all four CV joint boots.

Loose heat shield around catalytic convertor. Easy to find, easy to fix.

That car should only have 2 cv joints in the front.

Not possible. All FWD vehicles must have both inner and outer CV joints, the outer being designed to allow a great deal of articulation to enable the transmission of torque while steering, the inner being designed to allow some articulation and transmit constant torque while allowing the axle to change length to enable the steering knuckle to freely travel through its suspension and steering dynamics. The most common types are Rzeppa joints on the outsides and Tripod joints on the insides.

NOTE: if this were the 1950s - 1960s you might be right. VW, Porsche, Corvair, and others used “swing axles” in those days that had only one articulation joint per side, at the inner ends of the axles. But they were totally obsoleted after it became publicized in the late '60s that they “tucked under” and caused handling and flipping issue.


Only if… somehow… the other two CV joints disappeared.


Check for a failing Serpentine belt tensioner. Especially if you begin to hear this at idle.

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Speaking of CV joint boots, one time I had a squeak from the boot itself. Only heard in parking lot driving. Its accordion had scrunched up too much (probably from my faulty install) and the ribs were rubbing against each other. De-scrunching eliminated the squeak.

Now THAT’S a new one! One I enjoyed and can learn from.
The lesson? Be sure the accordion isn’t scrunched up too much! :grin:

I am experiencing the same chirping. It appears around 25-30 mph, and continues intermittently until I get to freeway speeds. What did it turn out to be? If I can avoid a $100 diagnostics fee, I would like to.

I had a chirping noise, not a Honda. I could hear it at around town speeds when next to cement barriers. I did not worry about it too much. After a couple of years a wheel bearing went out, and after the new wheel bearing no more chirping.

From afar, nobody can tell you for sure if the cause of the chirping on your vehicle is due to worn-out brake pads, or a bad wheel bearing, or some other issue. If you go to a mechanic and say, “Replace the xxxxx” and that doesn’t turn out to be the correct fix, then you will have to pay for both the failed repair and a subsequent repair.

I would suggest that you allow a trusted mechanic to drive it/listen to it/diagnose it.

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