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Chirping noise in my '93 Cadillac

This noise just recently started, when i go about 65mph I can hear a chirping noise from under my hood. It only happens when i go at fast speeds though.

It is probably a worn out or loose drive belt or one of the gadgets it drives on the fritz. A mechanic can diagnose it w/an engine stethoscope. I expect it will be a reasonably inexpensive fix.

If you have the Northstar engine (can’t remember if it was introduced in '93 or '94), while you are inspecting belts, don’t forget the water pump belt. The water pump on the Northstar is mounted on the back of the engine (driver’s side of the car) and is driven by a short belt by one of the camshafts. This belt is often forgotten about until it breaks and the steam and blown head gaskets bring it to your attention.