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Chinese Auto Show

I have moved to Vietnam for a new job and thought it would be fun to check out the Beijing Auto show since I’m in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, after hours of looking on the internet I cannot find a 2011 schedule for the auto show. Anyone know of a website that lists auto show schedules? Particularly China’s Beijing Auto Show. Thanks for the help.

You really need a better search engine if you looked “for hours” on the internet without finding any information!

I simply entered the words “Beijing Auto Show 2011” in Google, and among the MANY hits that I immediately got was this one that listed what you may be looking for:

Ciaace 2011
Highlights :
CIAACE 2011 is an leading international exhibition for auto accessories in China. CIAACE 2011 exhibition will run for two days in China. CIAACE 2011 exhibition will showcase the latest automobiles products and technology.

Start Date : 25 Feb 2011 End Date : 27 Feb 2011
Venue : China National Agricultural Exhibition Center
City / Country : Beijing, China

Then again, other sources state that the big auto show in China moves from Beijing to Shanghai on alternate years, with this being the year for the show to be in Shanghai.
As a result, I also found the following:

Auto Shanghai 2011

21 April-28 April, 2011
Shanghai New International Expo Center

So, it is possible that the Beijing show listed above is only for auto accessories this year, and the “real” auto show is in Shanghai. I suggest that you make more inquiries in your neck of the woods.

Yep I searched for hours. Vietnam does not allow Google, so when I type in my browser the browser just searches and searches and no page ever comes up. This also happens to,, or even trying to watch videos on Since the internet here is very restrictive I have been able to access some websites using a third party DNS server, but they run very slow. Right now my search engine is limited to and with that I was not able to find any dates associated with the Beijing Auto show.

Thank you for posting the information. That is exactly what I am looking for. Now I can stop by a travel agent tomorrow and find a plane ticket around those dates. (Yeah, airline internet bookings also don’t work here since they will not accept credit cards from a Vietnamese server)

If you didn’t use google…then what did you use??

If google isn’t allowed then probably ALL search engines aren’t allowed…(including Bing and AltaVista).

Want to do searching…MOVE…Many communist countries don’t allow free access to information on the internet.

Last time I was in Nam…I was carrying an M-16.

Why move when I am paid a lot of money to do what I love? People are friendly, the food is the best, cost of living is cheap, the cities are safe, and the scenery is quite amazing. As I said in my previous post I am limited to and A lot of websites are blocked, but I manage to get by with the limited internet I do get. I always Skype my friends and family back home to get the latest news. If you haven’t visited Vietnam since the 70s, you should stop by and see the progress this country has made.

I’ve lived here for almost a year now and have no complaints.