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Chicken Mahal

As a bicyclist and carpenter, I have an additional bit of advice for Jackson on moving the chicken coop: REMOVE THE WINDOWS. Whether he tries to do it himself or gets professional help, that coop is going to flex and twist around and the window glass is going to end up broken and spread all down the road!

I want an update on the move - did he do it himself or get professional hewlp?

I have to say that I don’t recall the exact construction details for that over-the-top Chicken House. However, I have to ask–Did it actually include glass windows? If it did, then chaetophile is correct about removing the glass prior to moving the structure.

However, then the question arises–Why would someone build a Chicken House with glass windows?
Merely having openings for ventilation, secured with chicken wire, is the desired form of construction.

Here is another important consideration to remember about chicken coop construction: it must only have two doors. Otherwise it would be a chicken sedan.

We had a chicken coop when I was growing up that had a hatch on the back side of the roof that could be opened. It was a chicken hatchback.