Chevy truck starting issue



My 1993 Chevy Silverado (K1500, 5.7L, 4X4, 70,000 miles) is having an intermittent starting issue.

The truck will turn over, but it seems like there is no fuel reaching the engine. If I remove the air cleaner cover and hold open the butterfly valves and spray a bit of starting fluid…the truck will usually start right up. Lately, it won’t start even with the starting fluid.

If I come back to the truck later, sometimes it will start right up. This problem will not occur all the the time. I can go days, or even weeks without a starting problem at all. Other times, it will happen a lot.

I replaced the ignition control module and ignition coil in 2007. I replaced the starter just 3 weeks ago.

Any ideas? Thanks.


Follow the “crank no start” guide present in most repair manuals. The Factory service Manuals have a very good chart to put this issue in the proper catagory