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Chevy S10 stalling

I have a 1995 Chevy S10 with a ghost. The vehicle shuts off unexpectedly and will crank but not restart. It has been in the shop now for over 2 weeks with no sign of getting fixed. The Crankshaft sensor has been replaced, but this did not fix the problem. Thoughts?

So it currently won’t start? Or it won’t restart right away but does eventually? And then stalls again with no warning and at no particular time? Or what? Do you know if it has spark and fuel?

How many miles are on it? What engine is in it? How is everything in terms of basic maintenance items? What has the shop done with the truck other than the CkPS? Why was the CkPS changed? Has the check engine light been on? Ever come on? Any error codes?

Think about this - you have the truck with a mechanic who can actually lay hands on it, drive it, test things…and you came to the internet to a bunch of complete strangers and gave us “The vehicle shuts off unexpectedly and will crank but not restart” I’m not sure what kind of magic you think will come out of it.

So report everything you can, in detail, including what this shop has done.

It will restart, but it takes time. Usually 30 - 60 minutes. It’s got a 2.2L with 145K on it. Fuel pressure has been checked and is apparently fine. The mechanic checking it out has tested the ignition coil and wiring - all apparently in good working order. He tells me it won’t generate a code. He replaced the crankshaft sensor and thought that fixed it after driving it for a while. The vehicle shut off on the way home.
I had a bad fuel injector replaced on it about 4 months ago, the crankshaft sensor was replaced then as well (by a different mechanic).
The check engine light has been on for ~ 100,000 miles and has been running fine.
I don’t want magic, just someone who has experienced a similar circumstance.

Lots of people on this board have experience with similar circumstances. And similar posts pop up all of the time. Its just that there isn’t one hidden solution somewhere - its just a hunt for any number of things. The CkPS is one of the things that can make this happen.

If your check engine light has been on for the last 100K then there are codes. So I don’t know what the shop means by the fact that there aren’t any. What error codes are currently stored?

Has he driven it around with a scantool attached to capture a live data stream? Might sound too simple but have all of the vehicle’s power connections (positive & grounds) been pulled, cleaned up and re-tightened? Were the ignition components checked out when they were good and hot?

What you really want to know next is when it stalls out and won’t restart is it lacking spark or fuel? (Or both).