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Chevy malibu

2015 chevy malibu 52000 miles hasn;t been driven for 2 years,was real good driver before inactivity could there be engine damage from not being driven for so long?

There should be nothing wrong with the engine itself. The battery might or might not come back from being completely dead. The gas is probably not in good shape, so it would be best if that could be drained and replaced.


Is this something you might buy or already have ? At the least as said the fuel is garbage . I would plan on replacing all fluids ( oil-coolant-transmission fluid ) , battery is most likely done for and the tires are probably not trust worthy .


Along with the above, remove the spark plugs, squirt oil in the cylinders, then crank the engine.


More information, please…

Has the car been started? Driven?

Are you anticipating starting and driving the car after 2 years inactivity and wondering if engine damage is likely/inevitable?

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I don’t think you have to do anything other than check all the fluids, add a bottle of gas cleaner to the gas tank. You don’t need to drain it. Don’t drive anywhere you would mind getting stranded for a few hundred miles.

Open the gas cap and smell the gas, if it smells normal, you are good to go.